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  • 3 December 2020
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I want to create a zap that allows me to create a post on Google My Business from an RSS Feed

I managed to create zaps for 5 social networks without any problem, but there is nothing for GMB.

How can I do it?

Is it possible to create one? If yes, how?

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6 replies

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[ADVANCED] May have to leverage the GMB API:

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Zapier can’t currently post to Google My Business, only reply to reviews. There are a number of users asking for such a feature, however. If you write into support your email could be added to the list of interested customers, meaning you’ll get a message when the feature launches. Sadly we can't give you a timeline for when that will be. 

I hope this is helpful! Please feel free to follow up with any other questions. 

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@jpot Your comment should be directed at @Netoffensive 

@jpot @Netoffensive So Yes, No…...No Zapier doesn’t have this functionality in its current app, but Yes you can still use an API call like @Troy Tessalone proposes.

Normally you would need to create a private app for this @Netoffensive  to get oAuth2 for the Google Account working. Now this isn’t a big issue and this can be created pretty easily. However, you can also use some other services and connect it to Zapier.

@ForYourIT   will soon write a post about this in the community. Let them know if you want any help with this.

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@Netoffensive - If you need someone to build this for you (paid), feel free to reach out to me:

I’ve worked with GMB API before and it’s possible to create a custom integration to add a Create Post action step.

Hey Vincent, unfortunately posting to GMB is not supported on Zapier.

However, you can auto-post to GMB from an RSS feed using OneUp. It even supports automatically adding CTA buttons on each post from the RSS feed.