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I’m trying to create a zap that pulls Tasks created in Microsoft To Do into RSS by Zapier. I don’t think it’s working though.

My end goal is to have the tasks show up in an RSS feed ticker app called Newsriver.

I’ve placed the feed URL from zapier into the newsriver app, the app shows the zapier test item, but no data is pulling. Not sure how to figure out why no data is showing up.


Any advice appreciated, thanks!


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Hi @SBrown 

Good question.


Things to check…

  • Make sure your Zap is ON.
  • Check your Zap Runs to see if the Zap is triggering, and to see the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step:


If you still need help please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured in order for us to have more context, thanks.

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Hey @SBrown! Were you able to get your Zap up and running? This sounds like a neat idea! I’d love to see how you implemented it, or if you weren’t able to I’d love to help troubleshoot 🙂

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@TamRazzleDazzle@Danvers@Troy Tessalone 

My apologies for the delay! The problem was in the Newsriver app, Zapier was functioning just fine.

To share my “set up”;

  1. Created lists on Microsoft To Do (Like Admin, Accounting, Data Entry) for tasks to fall under
  2. Created a zap for each list
    1. Zap is triggered when new task is created in the MS To Do list (Like creating a task for “Log Emails” in the list for Data Entry)
    2. The task is pulled into an RSS feed using the Zapier RSS feed app.
    3. So I have 3 RSS feeds
  3. Add the RSS feed to Newsriver App
    1. It’s a Mac app, but based on my research there are several Windows apps that do similiar:
    2. For Newsriver you need to enable each feed you add before it starts pulling the info (That’s what I missed originally)
    3. Each Zap/List is it’s own feed in the ticker, with the tasks trailing the list title

The biggest problem is that when you remove/finish a task you can’t remove it from the feed unless you duplicate the zap and add back whatever tasks you didn’t finish. So, i made the lists overarching categories, the Tasks sub-categories, and I use the “steps” function in MS To Do for the actual tasks at hand.

Example: The picture above shows my List “Admin Tasks”, with sub-category “Add Stuff to Sharepoint”. I click on the link for the task and MS To-Do has steps of what the stuff is I need to add to Sharepoint. I can check off all the stuff I’ve done via the steps function without messing around with the RSS feed this way. Below is a picture from MS To Do. As you can tell by the task name discrepancy this is actually an old list that I don’t have the zaps to fix yet haha - Not a paying member unfortunately!! Love this product though.

I’m actually working with someone to turn this concept into a standalone app. It’s truly helped me and I think a lot of people who struggle with adult ADD could benefit. Anyone else too but, most people can just use a normal to-do list! My co-workers think I’m crazy for going through this effort haha I haven’t missed sending out an agenda or notes in two weeks though!

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Hey @SBrown thanks for the follow up! That is an awesome idea to create a standalone app! Thanks for sharing your workflow 😊