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On a free plan in Zapier, how many subscribers per month will I be allowed?

  • 19 August 2022
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Hi there,

I’m new to zapier and I’m finding zaps confusing and not sure exactly what I need.

I want to know the answer to the following question:

I have a monthly newsletter on my twitter profile. I’m going to use zapier to connect my revue, mailchimp and Twitter accounts.

All I want to know is with the free version, how many subscribers per month will I be allowed?

All I need zapier for is when users hit the subscribe button on my Twitter profile. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Best answer by nicksimard 19 August 2022, 20:28

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Hey @iaosbarman!

Couple of slight corrections to what Russ said:

  • The number of tasks on the Free plan is 100 and not 1,000.
  • The free plan supports single-step Zaps only: 1 trigger (when this) and 1 action step (then do this)

If you go to this page you’ll see this:


Each action step in your Zap uses 1 task, so you could add 100 Revue subscribers to MailChimp per month on the Free plan.

If you’re finding that this is not enough, and are open to trying out a different tool you could check out Pollinate by Beehiiv (newsletter platform).

It’s a free tool that lets you get subscribers from Twitter and send them to a variety of email/newsletter platforms, like MailChimp :)

This would then open you up to trying some other stuff with Zapier, like adding those subscribers to an app that Pollinate doesn’t support (CRM, spreadsheet, etc).

Hope that helps!

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My apologies on the incorrect information! I recently created a new account and I’m still under the “Professional trial” so that’s why I thought it was 1000/mo. Again, my apologies! Thanks for the backup @nicksimard

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Oh my gosh, @RussMcGill! You have nothing to apologize for.

It’s always super exciting having users hopping into help each other and we’re always glad to see it. 🤗

Thanks for being active in the Community! 🥳


@iaosbarman - Keep us posted if you have any other lingering questions or still need help with this! 🙂

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Unfortunately, there is not a specific answer to your question. It all depends on how many steps/number of Zaps you have. You get 1000 Tasks/Mo on the free plan (1 Zap can have multiple tasks (steps). Mailchimp and Twitter integrations can both be used on the free plan so you won’t have any issues. As long as you keep your tasks below 1000/mo, you should be good to go!