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Nested Array BigCommerce New Orders

  • 23 April 2020
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Hello, I’m connecting BigCommerece with Trello and would like to push transaction data from a BC order into a card description in Trello so we can process the build/shipping of the order.


Here is what I am wanting to achieve.


As you can see above some items have more attributes than others. So I need to group them together.

Below are some of the comma separated values and nested arrays that I'm dealing with and they all need to be grouped together like the above example.


Products Quantity: 1, 1, 1, 1
Products Product Options Display Name: ["Payment","Color Options","Muzzle Device","Gas System","Side Rail"], ["Payment","Color Options","Muzzle Device","Gas System","Side Rail"], ["Color"], ["Mounting Option"]
Products Product Options Display Value: ["Full Payment","Midnight Black","Dead Air Key Mount Muzzle Brake","Standard Gas Piston","Side Rail (For side mounted optics) $+35"], ["Full Payment","Midnight Black","BD3-AK","KNS Adjustable Gas Piston ($149+)","Side Rail (For side mounted optics) $+35"], ["Red/Black"], ["Pin and Weld"]
Products Price Inc Tax: 2685.0000, 2834.0000, 6.0000, 98.9900
Products Product ID: 112, 113, 131, 124


How can I achieve grouping these together so I can output them into a Trello card description?


I have reached out to Zapier and they directed me here ;)




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Hi @MDC! Are you looking to hire someone to do this work for you? If so could you please give a little more information about which pieces of this you’d like help with  eg building some Zaps to automate sending the data? Creating a custom format for the data? etc.


If you were looking for general advice on how this might be done, let me know and I’ll move your question to the Ask the Community category 🙂

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Hi @MDC - It’s been a while but we wanted to check back on this issue. I’m afraid we have not heard back from you so we were wondering if you still needing assistance with this issue? Looks like we left off with your chat with Lionel so we thought we’d share it here for the community:

Oh, that is a good question indeed! This is called a nested array, which can be a bit tricky indeed. What you could do here is make a combination of 2 Zaps:

Zap 1 :

  1. New Order in BigCommerce
  2. Formatter > Utilities > Line-item to text
  3. Formatter > Utilities > Text to line-item (use the output of step 2)
  4. Create Spreadsheet Row(s) to Google Sheet

Zap 2:

  1. New Row in Google Sheet
  2. Create Card in Trello

I believe that should give you the end result you're looking for.