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  • 31 October 2020
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I work on a business analytics team which finds itself having to send out various spreadsheets in Excel asking for input from the field regional managers.  The spreadsheets themselves are typically hundreds of lines long representing data points from each region that need to be broken out prior to being emailed to each individual regional manager for their input.  What we’re looking for is a tailored solution that allows us to keep this entire process closed looped without resorting to breaking apart, emailing, aggregating responses etc…  Please note, these spreadsheets when broken apart contain exactly the same number of columns per region however the rows will vary because every region will have it’s own set of x (eg. customers).  We’re looking for a fully automated solution that will be able to break these sheets apart based on the change in column x, send them out to the appropriate regional managers (their email addresses would be in another column) for their responses (inputs to cells in the spreadsheet), remind them if they haven’t responded in x number of days, aggregate all of the input rows back into a master spreadsheet that we can then access for further analysis.  In a nutshell that’s the process we’re looking to automate.  If you have any further questions or need additional clarity on the use case, feel free to reach out.  Open to hiring an expert for a short term project provided we agree on terms, deliverables etc...



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Hi @sashazaliz ,


This sounds like an interesting project and would definitely perfectly fit for an automation. We would have to discuss the specifics of the project and setup a visual design first, to make sure we get the desired results.

I have sent you a direct message.

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Hello @sashazaliz 


this sounds very interesting as it incorporates several tools with each one taking an input data and providing an output data for another tool


I m from Morocco and I have great experience setting up this kind of automated processes for clients in the B2B sector


I d love to help you set up this process. As I only get paid if I set up the whole process correctly I m sure you ll find my work fast, thoughtful as I provide a lot of recommendations making the process shorter and easier (doing my best to set up the most efficient process that consumes the minimum number of zaps)


Let me know if you think we could work together this process really inspires me and if we don’t work together i think i ll just try setting it up on my end since i find it very fun to solve this kind of problems


PS : I only started getting involved in the zapier community that’s why my profile isn’t that old and developed 

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Hello Alex @sashazaliz, this looks like a challenging process. 

I have done some similar work with another business where we changed the process for the collection and reporting of important information. There is a short video on my website that covers parts of it if you would like to chat you are welcome to book a time using the website.