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My Zap asks to remove extra fields when editing Create Item-Set up Action.

  • 27 May 2022
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I have a zap that’s been running fine for a year now. It just creates an Item in Monday from a parsed message. This is in the Create Item - Set up Action section. I went today to edit the zap and all the fields are looking like this: why, please?




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9 replies

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Hi @paulruss!

When you see data that looks like that in your Zap - a number and the name of a field in double brackets - it means that the Zap can no longer find that field. The most obvious reason for this would be if the email template for the parser has been changed, if that hasn’t happened then it’ll need someone to take a closer look. If that’s the case, the best thing to do is to contact the Support Team using our Get Help Form. They’ll be able to dig into your Zap with you and hopefully get to the bottom of things. 

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Hi @paulruss

cc: @Danvers 

Good question.

Actually, the Extra Fields mean those fields were removed from the Monday Board, not that those fields weren’t available from the Zap trigger step.


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Hi - thanks for the answers.


Keep in mind that the zap is working still.


Those fields were JSON custom fields - nothing has been removed from the boards themselves. Either Zapier has broken/deprecated something in the api - or have changed something their side. It must be a problem with Zapier as the JSON fields were I think never interrogated from Zapier previously: it was a one way data push?


Monday support just said ‘we dont support zapier - really handy!’. Unless I can find a solution I cant update those fields in Zapier.

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Hi @paulruss!

Thanks for the extra context on this! If your current Zap is working, I would definitely make a copy of it and edit the copy so you don’t lose the working Zap. 


Without seeing the whole Zap and its logs in the backend of our system, this is tricky to troubleshoot. The best thing to do is to contact the Support Team, who can take a closer look at this for you, you can do that using the Get Help form. Thanks!

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Hi there, @paulruss! I wanted to pop in and see if the tips from my friends in support did the trick for you?

It looks like this was the last recommended step:

... what could have taken place is that made changes to their "Create Item" action event integration on Zapier and incorporated those fields in the "Extra Fields" into the fields in the action event itself. 
For example, you will see that "text6" is being used to map the client's name. Now looking at the fields that are available in the action event, one of the fields is now Client Names(s):
(view larger)
This is also true for the field labelled "long_text2" for the address, which now the action event also has a dedicated field for labelled Full Address:
(view larger)
Being equipped with this information now, the next step would be to examine the fields available in the action event and map the information in the "Extra Fields" to the fields that are now newly available. Then, remove the fields in the "Extra Fields" as you fill them. 
I believe the reason you see these fields in the "Extra Fields" section is to ensure that your Zap continues to work even though the information was not mapped to the newly available fields.

Keep us posted! 🤗

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Hi -


Well done.

I should have spotted the correspondence between the unused custom fields and the newly available fields, Fixed now. But it might be worth contacting - they still demonstrate the JSON custom fields on their site.

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Thanks for letting us know that you were able to get your Zap working! When you say that Monday still demonstrate the JSON custom fields on their site, is that on a help page or when you’re in the app? I’d like to look into this so I can pass it along to the right team. Thanks!

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But they do say : 

Now, we support text updates for most columns, so you can simply type in the relevant info.

That said, some of the more advanced column types, like the Connect Boards or Dependency Columns, will require you to use the Column Values section. Those column types require a specific data structure in order to be filled with data.

But my post should be hopefully useful for others still using JSON to populate fields that now have direct access input


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Thanks @paulruss!