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MailerLite won't trigger Zapier

  • 1 September 2020
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I have several zaps that have MailerLite as their trigger, when someone is added to a subscriber group. Until about 10 days ago everything was working perfectly, but suddenly our zaps stopped. 

This is all zaps that have MailerLite as trigger, the other ones are working properly.

Has anyone encounter this kind of problem before?


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8 replies

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No issues indicated here - MailerLite System Status:

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Hi @SourceMX Academy I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with your MailerLite Zaps!


Here are a few things that you can check to rule out some causes:

Go to and check that your MailerLite account is still connected to Zapier. To do that, click the Test button for the connection to MailerLite


Go to the task history for the Zap: can you see if it’s triggered at all? If there are no tasks for the Zap and you know that the trigger even definitely happened in MailerLite then it’s the MailerLite step that’s the problem. If there are tasks there but another step is showing an error, then you’ll need to take a closer look to see where the trouble is coming in. 


If those don’t help, then the best thing to do is to get in touch with the Support Team as then can dig into your Zap with you. To do that, use the Get Help Form

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Thank you all for your answers.

The zaps that have MailerLite as trigger didn’t fire at all, while other zaps with different triggers are working perfectly. 

The MailerLite app is connected and we can use it when it’s the second-third step of the zap, but not first. Still not sure how this all happened and why it’s happening.

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The same issue is happening with me. 

I’m missing some expensive leads I’m paying for.

I just Googled to see if it’s a problem with my set up.

Will get in touch with Support.

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Hi @SourceMX Academy and @marshwah - It looks like you may have stumbled onto a bug. I’ve added you both to the bug report list to let our team know that you’re being impacted.

There’s no ETA when we’d get this resolved. We’ll reach out as soon as we have a solution.


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Thanks Steph - support said the same thing. Am in the process of finding Mailerlite alternatives :)

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Hey everyone!

We've worked with the MailerLite team to identify the problem where "Subscriber Added to Group" and "Subscriber Added Through a Webform" triggers were not working as expected. MailerLite's team resolved the issue and let us know that these Triggers should be working as expected now.

If you do happen to encounter this issue again, please contact our Support team so we can work to resolve it.


I have leadpages( landing Page) , mailerlite as crm. I created a zap to add subscriber to mailerlite  when they submit form, then I created a zap to add to a specific group in mailerlite, then I need a zap to trigger the automation I set up in mailerlite. I ran several tests, when I submit form, it just sends me a email from leadpages, the subscriber is not added to mailerlite. I’m so frustrated, please advise.

Thanks in advance.