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  • 19 February 2021
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I am trying to set up a Zap to look for a google sheet row based on a tiket system, so the first action will be performed in the row #1 and once that action is finished that row is marker as “taken”, the next time the zap is triggered it will take row # 2… Once all numbers are axhausted go back toi number 1.

For ex I have 10 advisors I have to give tickets to once a customer arrives, so first customer will get advisor #1 (in row 1), next customer will get #2 and so on… When the tiket is given to advisor #10, It will start over from No 1.

Any ideas?

Thank you

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4 replies

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@Juan If one advisor finishes with a ticket before the next ticket is assigned do you want to always assign to the next advisor or the available advisor with the lowest number? If the former, rather than going off row #, you’d be better off just adding a new row for each new ticket and using a formula to systematically assign the advisor in order from 1-10, then reset back to 1 again.

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@sphynxautomation thank ytou very much for yor time and answer.
I want to always assign the next advisor.
I dont know set up the formula to systematically assign the advisor.

¿Any ideas?


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Try this: enter ‘1’ in A1 (or wherever the first advisor number is assigned). In your Zap, you’ll need to have two sheets steps and a formatter step:


Step 1 will be to create the new row with the data from the ticket

Step 2 will be to run the formatter to subtract 1 from the row ID of the newly created row

Step 3 will be to update the row. In the update step, where you map the advisor number, enter this formula =if(A1=10, 1, A1+1) and replace ‘A1’ with the letter name of whichever column the advisor number is in and map the number from the formatter step. That will allow it to dynamically update based on the number in the prior row.


For example, if the prior row is ‘H6’ and the advisor number is 7, the formula in the mapped field would be =if(‘H{mappedField}=10, 1, H{mappedField}+1) or ‘H7’ with an advisor number of 8.

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Hey @Juan, we just wanted to check in! Were you able to try out the suggestions that @sphynxautomation? Let us know where you left off with things - we want to make sure you’re good to go here!