• 3 November 2020
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I am trying to import orders shipped from Ship station and or Amazon to Quick Book Online Advance. When ever I added the SKU to the Product/Service field it keeps giving me this error :


I have tested my SKU and it works manually and is inventory.


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3 replies

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Hey! It looks like your line item reference doesn’t exist in Quickbooks. Have you checked that the Item Code you’re sending via Zapier exists in your Quickbooks? If it doesn’t, it normally throws this error.

Well Zapier is looking for a product number that can't be seen in Amazon is only QBO internal for the matching.


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Hi @QBOuser!


As you’ve mentioned, you need to use the QuickBooks product code rather than the Amazon name. There are a couple of different ways that you could find this to use in the Zap.

I think that the easiest would be to add a QuickBooks Find Product(s) search step before the Create Sales Receipt step. That would search for the product in QuickBooks based on the name of the product (as it’s coming from Amazon) and will then give you a product code that you can use in the Create Sales Receipt step. 


I hope that helps!