Jira description field - how to get the entire Description field as markdown?

  • 15 June 2021
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I’m having the same issue.

Expected behavior is a single description input field from Jira, containing markdown.

Instead, it appears to parse out the Jira description field into multiple inputs, which are just plain text.

Jira Descritpion

Intro text

  • bullet list 1

  • bullet item 2

  • bullet item 3

More descriptive text about the issue.


When I go to setup the action in Zapier, there are two options for Description that include content. The 1st one has the intro part as plain text and the content after the bullet list as plain text.  The 2nd option has only the bullet list, but as separate plain text entries.

Second line content redacted by me

The goal is to get a single input of the entire Description field as markdown (which is how it’s supposed to be provided by the Jira API)

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2 replies

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Thanks @Troy Tessalone .  I did review the Jira links previously.

The issue is not working with the arrays/line items, but rather that the description field should not be broken up into line items/arrays in the first place. They seem to be unpredictable based on the content of the incoming description field from Jira, so there is no way to know how many description content fields will be present based on the Jira description source.  In this case, it created a second array of the bullet list which was in the middle of the content in Jira and then joined the content after the bullet list to the section that precedes the bullet.

Secondly, the content should be coming in as markdown, rather than plain text.

I’ve used another automation tool with Jira that keeps the description field as a single input as markdown, so I suspect the issue is the way the Jira integration is configured with Zapier.

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Hi @MikeJonesUSC 

The screenshot shows the data as arrays (aka line items).

Check out these help articles about using line items (aka arrays) in Zaps.


Also make sure to check out the available help articles for Jira: