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Is there a way to use Paths for a google sheets look success or failure?

  • 4 April 2020
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Sorry for the badly formed Question. It should be: Is there a way to use Zapier Paths to test a Google Sheets Lookup Spreadsheet Row for success or failure?


I’m using Google Sheets, Zapier Paths, and Trello. I’m trying to move a card to a specific list based on an asynchronous update in a Google Sheet. 

I’ve tried a number of different ways. Am I thinking about this in the wrong way? Currently, I am using a Trello Card Due as a timer to check a Google Sheet Lookup a Row to see if the expected row is populated in the Google Sheet. Next is a Zapier Path with Path A defined as If it is there (ColC Exists), it should  move the card to the next list. If not (ColC Does not exist), it should move the card back to the same list and Butler will reset the Timer. In the case that the value is not found in the spreadsheet, the card is still moved. It seems as if Paths is not able to identify is the Google Sheets look up was successful or not. 

Why is there an error if a row is not found in a Google Sheet? I would think that you could test for failure of the Lookup.


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Thanks, I was hoping that’s how it would work. That’s straight forward, but it didn’t seem to be working that way. I’ll check again today now that I’ve had some sleep. Thanks again!

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Hi @mwalkeriii 

The data from a successful Google Sheet row lookup will include an “Row ID” and/or “ID” field - a non-successful one won’t.

So your filter can be:

Only continue when:

“ID” exists