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Is there a way to follow timedata for a random Trello Card into Sheets ?

  • 23 September 2022
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I didn’t found any informations here on the Community Zapier so I’m trying to figure out how I can automate data time for a random Trello card to different lists in Trello.


Each cards in Trello will be create randomly so I can’t add an ID card before.


The issue is that I will move manually the card to different lists as “steps” but everytime I use the trigger “moved to list XX” it creates a new row and it’s not following the ID Card in Trello 😥


Is there a way to follow the “life” (in my case I will need the time in order to calculate a duration) of a specific and random card in Trello to different lists in Google Sheets ?

Not really sure that my question is clear 🙄


For the moment I can only easily follow the time creation of a random card in Sheets… It’s a beginning but not enough unfortunately..


Thank you in advance for your help and support !


PS : I can provide screenshots of my Spreadsheets and Trello Board if it could help


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8 replies

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Hi @KevinCocoonr 

Good question.

Help article:

Try using these Zap steps

  1. Trigger: Trello - Card Moved to List
  2. Action: GSheets - Lookup Row
  3. Action: GSheets - Update Row


Hi @Troy Tessalone 

Thank you for your feedback I will try this out !



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Hey @KevinCocoonr! Eager to hear if this worked for you. Let us know! 🙂

Hello @jesse and @Troy Tessalone ,


I’m still blocked with an error on my zap 😥


Failed to create a spreadsheet row in Google Sheets
There was an error writing to your Google sheet. Unable to parse range: ….


Any idea how I can solve this issue ? I don’t have any frozen/hidden/protected columns or rows, spreadsheet or worksheet name changed since it was initially selected or insufficient permissions (read-only)


Maybe I can share you some screenshots of the zap actions or my spreadsheet ? I will create a separate one from the original with fake data of course😅


Thank you !

Hello again


You can find below a fake Gsheet that I use for the test :


And all the actions in my zap :



I hope these screenshots will be helpful ! 


Thank you again for your time 😇

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This expects a numerical value, but you have the Trello Card ID value also mapped.


I'm seeing an errors that mention 'range' (cannot parse range, requested writing within range)

If you are getting an error that says something like cannot parse range or 400 Error: Requested writing within range ['DO NOT EDIT: Feed via Zapier'!A74], but tried writing to column [B], there are a couple of possible causes:

  • There is a colon (:) in your worksheet or spreadsheet title. If so, try removing it - colons in spreadsheet and worksheet titles can sometimes cause a Zap to malfunction.
  • There are no fields mapped in the Zap. This error sometimes occurs when the Zap attempts to add a completely blank row.
  • The spreadsheet/worksheet name has changed. Make sure you turn the Zap off while you make the change, and then turn it back on again after.
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Hi @KevinCocoonr

Did you try removing the Trello card ID from the Row field as Troy suggested? If so, did that do the trick?

Let us know if you’re still running into an error with this, we’d love to see you up and running :) 

Hello @Troy Tessalone and @Danvers 


Thank you so much it works ! I have just erased the Trello card ID from the row field and it worked smoothly now :)


Have a nice evening !😊