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Is it really possible to map Amazon sales to Google Ads for performance tracking?

  • 19 May 2020
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Hi there,

Zapier has a zap to connect Amazon Seller Central → Google Ads. This would be great for performance tracking to see how many sales in Amazon came from people who interacted with my ad campaign.

But when I try to set up the zap, it asks me to map the GCLID field (GCLID is an ID that Google Ads puts into the URL after someone clicks on an ad) from Amazon. Amazon doesn’t have a GCLID field.

See the attached image to see what I’m referring to exactly.

I have asked Zapier support and they essentially said “I don’t know.” I have asked Amazon support and they essentially said “I don’t know.” But since the zap exists, this means someone has done it before, right?


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Hi @Solutions8! 


It’s been a while since I used Google Analytics and I’m a little rusty, could you remind me if the GCLID is unique to each user, or to a specific link (eg like when you’re tracking add performance). If it’s the second, then I think what you would do is to put in the GCLID that you want to use for that Amazon product. I know that that information isn’t coming from Amazon so you’d need to either match the product to an existing GCLID or create one in Google Analytics that you want to use for the purchase of that product via Amazon. 


Does that help here, or am I off base?

Hi @Danvers ,


Thanks for stepping in to help! We’re using Google Ads, not Google Analytics, by the way.

GCLID is unique to each user. (FYI after it’s passed through the URL, it’s then stored in the user’s cookies, which is pretty powerful as far as Google Ads tracking the performance of the ads no matter where or when they convert.)

So, this Zap is asking where it’s stored inside Amazon, but I don’t see a place to store GCLIDs inside Amazon.

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Hi @Solutions 8  - I’m really sorry for coming back to you so late on this one. If we’re not getting a GClid from Amazon Seller Central, then this wont be possible, I’m sorry about that!