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Intercom actions need improvements

Hi there,

We’ve been using Zapier for a while now and utilizing it’s integration with Intercom yet we’ve been experiencing issues that are caused because the current Zapier actions need to change. 
The main issue is because there are users who have multiple User ID’s under a single email address. 
So there are actions where a user can be updated using both email AND user id and some that don’t, causing an error and preventing the zap to perform the desired action (attached photo below):



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Hi @Daniel Ben-Amotz

From your screenshot, we can’t tell what Intercom action is being performed in the Zap step that has the error.

Seems like this might be more of a data issue in Intercom than an issue with the logic of the Intercom Zap app integration.

The reason for the error is because (as you’ve mentioned) there are multiple Users with the same email address, thus the Intercom API logic is to default to requiring the User ID, which will always be a unique value for a User.


I’d suggest deduping your data in Intercom to help avoid this issue.


FYI: Most Zap apps are created and maintained by the app developer, rather than Zapier.

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Hi @Daniel Ben-Amotz!

If you can specify which action you’re using there (the one with the error) we can look into getting that added as a feature request or bug report, whichever is appropriate. Is it Create/Update User?

Hey Nick! 

Thanks for the quick reply. 

The action I’m referring to is “ Add/Remove Tag on User in Intercom” which requests the user’s email yet doesn’t have the ability to add User ID to specify the user, unlike the “Create/Update User in Intercom” action. 


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Hi @Daniel Ben-Amotz!


Thanks for the clarification on which action this is affecting. We do have an existing feature request for the addition of User ID as a search field in the Add/Remove tag action and I’ve added you as an affected user on that. I don’t have an ETA on when/if we’ll add that, but we’ll send you an email if we have an update!

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Hey folks,

Just wanted to pop by here to announce that the feature request has been implemented! 😁🎉

In case you missed the email notification about this here’s what you need to know: 

we're glad to report that the integration now offers two new actions; "Add Tag to Contact" and "Remove Tag from Contact". These actions replace the legacy "Add/Remove Tag on User" and "Add/Remove Tag on Lead" actions.

With this change comes the ability to identify the Contact to be tagged by either ID, Email, or User ID (also referred to as "external ID"). The actions will also provide information about the Contact, including each of those three identifiers.


We hope you’re able to test these new actions in your Zaps soon, and if you run into any issues please do reach out in the Community to let us know. In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡