Integration that sends me an SMS anytime I'm sent a message on Slack (problem)

  • 3 November 2022
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Zapier claims to be able to do this. However, when attempting to set this up, it is trying to force me to select a specific channel.

My trigger should just be anytime a private message is sent to me (from anyone on my team). I’m able to set this as the event (see screenshot), but then going further down to the trigger, it’s wanting me to select a specific channel (see second screenshot) rather than just open-ended any message I receive.

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5 replies

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Hi @grajon 

Good question.

That Slack Zap trigger is Channel specific, which is why the Channel is a required field.


Hmm, thanks Troy, do you know if there is a way to just have an open-ended event, that anytime a private message is sent to me (or if I’m mentioned in any channel), then I’m sent an SMS?

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I do not.

If it’s possible it would likely involve a Slack app or the Slack API:


Why not use the Slack mobile app for notifications?

Gotcha, I was able to find one that sends an SMS for anytime a “New Public Message Posted Anywhere in Slack” however this doesn’t seem to include private messages which was my primary need.

I’ll keep searching.

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Hey @grajon sorry for the hassle here! I wonder if there is a way to turn on email notifications for mentions & messages and then parse those emails to trigger SMS messages of the content. It does seem a bit cumbersome, though, in my opinion. 

Question: why not install the Slack app on your phone and rely on push notifications? I’d love to hear a bit more about why you’re looking to set this up and what you’re hoping to accomplish. Perhaps that will help inspire some creative workarounds!