If Rules on zap: Sheets & SMS

  • 12 June 2020
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Hi everyone!
i need some help with my flow.
i get leads about workouts with trainers and i want to send the people who are signed the number of the trainer.
the flow is this:
lead - name, email, phone, place of work out

new row in google sheets

SMS to the new lead with the trainers name+phone number depending on the workout place.

couldnt make that happen...any suggestions?

thanks for helping me out!


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1 reply

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Hi @sagi!

If I’m understanding correctly, you’d like to send an SMS to leads with information that is dependent on the choice of location. Something like this:

Location A: Josh, 555-5555
Location B: Ashley, 444-4444
Location C: Sasha, 333-3333

I think your best friend in this case is going to be our Lookup table feature in the Formatter app. More info:

You look at the incoming value, and depending on what that is, you output a specific set of data. Can you take a look at that to see if it helps at all?