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I want to update the activity in Pipedrive when the support ticket is updated in Jira.

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I’ve made a zap to create new support tickets as activities in Pipedrive.

Example names:

  • SM-3023
  • SM-3024
  • SM-3025

When the support tickets update, I want to update the activity as well, so I want to search on the ticket name. Since Zapier searches for ‘something like’ and not an ‘exact match’ in the title, is returns completely irrelevant tickets.

Do you know if it’s possible to find exact matches?


Best answer by SamB 6 February 2024, 16:11

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Hi there @tapraise. Welcome to the Community! 🙂

I’ve been looking into this and found that we’ve got a feature request open for the ability to have an “exact match” option added to the Find Activity search action. That sounds like it’s what you’re after here so I’ve gone ahead and added your vote to that. I can’t make any promises as to when that would be implemented but we’ll be sure to email you as soon as it is! 

In the meantime, it looks like the Pipedrive API has the ability to search for an activity by it’s ID. So, if in the Zap that creates the activity you’re able to also update the ticket that triggers the Zap to add the ID of the activity, I’m thinking you could then search for the activity using ID that’s stored on the ticket. You’d want to use Pipedrive’s API Request (Beta) action and make a GET request to the relevant activities endpoint (see Get details of an activity) to search by the ID.

The API Request (Beta) action is a bit more advanced than the usual Pipedrive actions but if you’re interested in exploring that you can learn more about it here: Set up an API request action 

Hope that helps. If you do manage to get that workaround up and running let us know. I’ve not had a chance to test that myself so would love to hear whether that does the trick!

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for the answer and nice to know that it’s on the feature request list!

I was thinking of a similar solution, but wanted to check first if I’m not missing something.

I’ll implement that solution!


I appreciate the help! 




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Hi @tapraise - and anyone else following this thread! 

Just wanted to follow up here to confirm that the feature request I mentioned previously has been implemented! 🎉🎉🎉 

In case you missed the email notification here’s the what you need to know about what was updated:

“Good news, we just recently updated our Pipedrive integration to allow for searching the activity subject exactly. If you'd like to use that in your Zap, there is a new field on the Find Activity search which allows you to choose Exact or Fuzzy matching.

The default is still Fuzzy matching, so nothing is required from you if you want to keep your Zap as-is. It will continue to search in the same way it has been searching.”

If you run into any issues in using “Exact” matching on the updated Find Activity Pipedrive action do let us know. In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡