How to replace Full-width space

  • 29 January 2021
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I want to set Zap action to remove or replace double-byte space(Full-width space) from Text.

ex) ” ”

Hi, if anyone knows how to replace or remove double-byte spaces, please let me know.

Thank you.

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6 replies

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Hi @masayuki_posiwill 

Have you tried a “Formatter->Text→Replace” step?

The notation to find a space would be: [:space:] - I assume this hadles a full width space.

In the “Replace” field below, just leave it blank to remove what’s found.

Hi @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu 

>Have you tried a “Formatter->Text→Replace” step?

Yes, I have tried this.Please check the attached image.

I succeeded in that procedure for half-width spaces

ex) “test taro”→ “testtaro”

However, I used the same procedure and failed for double-byte spaces



Is there any other solution?


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Hi @masayuki_posiwill 

Try using Formatter > Text > Trim Whitespace

This will remove extra spaces before/between/after text.


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As well as Troy’s idea, you might also try [:space:][:space:] in the ‘find’ field of the formatter.

@Troy Tessalone 

Thank you, I tried that too, but “Trim WhiteSpace” didn't work as expected.



Thank you, I tried [:space:][:space:] , but It didn't work as expected.


 I attach the resulting image. Thank you.

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Those might be ‘tabs’ not spaces, so try replacing [:tab:] using the Formatter.


3. (Optional) Find, replace, or split special characters


In order to find, replace, or split on special characters in text, you can use a special character syntax:

  • [:space:] - matches space (\s) characters
  • [:tab:] - matches tab (\t) characters
  • [:newline:] - matches newline (\n) characters
  • [:return:] - matches carriage-return (\r) characters