How to get a zap to work between Less Annoying CRM (LACRM) to Mailerlite? 

Hey all- new to this community and to zapier, so total newbie here needing some help please!

I’m working with someone to get their Less Annoying CRM to feed through to adding a new subscriber in Mailerlite.  The data is in the LACRM and put in a group imaginatively called Mailerlite 1. There are a number of groups already set up within his LACRM and he specifically wants the contacts in the Mailerlite 1 to be added as new subscribers to an existing automation in Mailerlite.

The problem we are having is that we have created the zap (so far, so good), and in the zap we said we wanted data from a group (though it didn’t give us an option to choose any of the CRM groups), but when we get to seeing a record to test the connection, it’s pulling CRM data from a different group- called BL, and not the Mailerlite 1 group.

We tried creating a mailerlite test group in LACRM to check that we were a) setting up the zap correctly and b) to see if we could get the data records from the mailerlite test group incase there was an issue with the initial set up of the CRM mailerlite 1 group, but again when we got as far as the data records, these were coming from the BL group. There doesn’t seem to be any settings in the zap to specify a particular group, and we haven’t published the zap because it’s doesn’t seem to be pulling any of the records from the correct CRM group.

So is there a step we have missed, or is there something we need to do within the CRM in the preparation of the group data in order for the zap to pull the correct records from the correct CRM group?


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@Troy Tessalone  thanks for the suggestion- my client and I gave it a try and ran into some issues. He got in touch with LACRM and they are aware and say there is limited functionality but technically possible though didn’t really go into the how. So back to the drawing board I guess! 

Thanks @Troy Tessalone  I will try that first. If that doesn’t work then I’ll post screenshots- thanks for taking the time to reply!

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Hi @LanaMo 

Perhaps try adding a Filter step or Paths in the Zap.

If you need more help, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode.