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How to Archive or Delete item in when completing task in Google Tasks?

  • 26 January 2024
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I have successfully made zapier create an item in a board when making a new task in Google Tasks.
Now i want to make an automation that either archives or deletes the item from when i “complete” the task in google tasks.

I tried using the “archive item” and “delete item” action in an automation where the trigger is “new completed task” in google tasks, but when testing the automation I always get “Item not found”.

I have tried using the task name as identifier, and that does not work
I tried making a text field in monday called ID, then when adding the task, make zapier enter the ID field into that text field, then when automating the “archive item” using that ID field as an identifier, that did not work. “Item not found”.

Any ideas?


Best answer by dexusno 26 January 2024, 16:18

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Hi @dexusno 

Perhaps try Monday Automations:

I actually found out how to do it.. You have to use 3 steps..  First identify what item with  step 2 and then archive it with step 3.

I do however now wonder how I can just change the “Status” to “Done” in instead of archiving it.
If anyone have any idea how, please let me know, as i tried the above method, and it failed.. at least the way i set it up..