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How to add a Hubspot contact to a Sendgrid Automation based on Lead Status change?

Hi! Trying to connect Hubspot to Sendgrid but facing some issues.

Goal is to add contacts to different Sendgrid Automations (email campaigns) based on how the ‘Lead Status’ contact information has changes.

So if a contact becomes ‘Eligible’ on HS, then it’s added to a specific Sendgrid campaign.
If it changes to ‘Not Eligible’, it’s added to a different campaign.


This is what I have built so far.


STEP 1: Retrieve Lead Status change


Step 2: Find Contact in Hubspot

The idea here is to catch all the leads who have been labeled as ‘Eligible’



here I would like to add any contact that is updated into ‘Eligible’ to a Sendgrid Automation, but Zapier only allows to send a simple email from Zapier itself.



I was hoping to get inspiration from the thread here below but didn’t manage to learn much from it.



Any idea on how to make this workflow work?


Thanks in advance!


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Hi there @francescostasi,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I looked into this for you, and unfortunately, it seems like your current workflow isn't possible right now because the SendGrid integration doesn't offer the "Create Contact" action at the moment.

But don't worry. We do have an open feature request for this! Please let me know if you like me to add you to the list of people interested in this feature so you can get updated once the feature ships.

Thanks! 😊

I’d love to be informed when live (or even in beta). 

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Hi @francescostasi,

Awesome! I've gone ahead and added your email address to the open feature request. While we don't have a specific timeline for when this feature will be implemented, rest assured that we'll keep you updated via email as soon as we have any news to share.

Hopefully, this helps! 😊

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Use the custom request in webhook by Zapier. This will create the contact from hubspot to sendgrid.