How do I use Zapier to automatically post new Feedly articles to a Microsoft Teams channel?

  • 14 May 2024
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Can anyone tell me how to create a Zapier Link to share a Feedly RSS stream to a Microsoft Teams Channel?

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5 replies

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Hi there @gRick,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Here is how I see the Zap for the workflow that you have in mind:

  1. Trigger: Feedly - New Article in Feed
  2. Action: Microsoft Teams - Send Channel Message

Hopefully, this helps!

Hi Ken - I appreciate you responding and believe I’ve tried exactly that, but receive an error in the attached screenshot.

Wondering if I am I missing something in your suggestion?


Thx - Rick

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Hi @gRick,

Could you please let me know if you're trying to post on a private channel? At the moment, it's not possible to add a bot in a private channel so if this is the case for you, let me know so I can add you to an existing feature request to enable this functionality.

I'll be keeping an eye out for your response!

Yes - that is the case - trying to post Feedly into a Private Teams Channel.

I’m told by Feedly that their Enterprise subscription has an integrated feature allowing you to post to Teams channels (meaning - without using Zapier).  That said I wasn’t aware of the need to ask if it works for both public and private channels.  Do you by any chance know? 

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Hi there @gRick,

At this time, it isn't possible to post to a Private Channel, which is why you're running into this error message. However, I did want to share a workaround that has worked well for others: If you have an email address enabled for your private channel, you can send an email to that address, and this will post to the Teams channel.

If this "Email Address" functionality is available for your channel, then you could also use one of our "Send Email" actions instead of the MS Teams action, using one of the popular email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Zoho Mail, or our own Email By Zapier.

Additionally, Feedly allows you to share Feeds without using Zapier. However, I’m not entirely sure if this allows posting feeds on private Microsoft Teams Channels. More about that here:

Hopefully, this helps.