How do I use a Zapier Table as an FAQ database for email requests in ChatGPT?

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Hi Zapier,

I would like to use a Zapier Table as my FAQ database for incoming request send by email.

This can be done through your chatbots where i can attach Zapier Tables as Knowledge sources - nice!

Ive been playing around and it seems that i can do it as well in the step “Conversation With Assistant in ChatGPT”, where i can attach a tool, but somehow it do not work with a Zapier Table.

Can you chip in with a solution to this?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @CasMin I have some ideas how to make it work. Can I also check with you if my understanding is correct?

Zendesk tickets (or incoming email) → Populate into Tables (as FAQ database)

After the FAQ database is connected to ChatGPT, what is the next step? Do you connect it back to Zendesk? Or you use prompting/conversing with the ChatGPT mostly?

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Hi @fiona819,


Thanks for your input.

Almost correcto.

1. Zendesk ticket comes in.

2. ChatGPT checks Zapier tabled for answer.

3. Zendesk ticket get updated.

Its only step 2 Im struggling with. 

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Hi @CasMin Do you have any integrations / automations connected with the Zapier Table? Or you are just using it as a FAQ database similar to a Google Sheets? 

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None (so far) 👍

Yes, that is the intention.

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Hi @fiona819 


Now you got me all excited and can wait to hear your ideas.


thanks in advance,


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Hi Casper! I am working on it, and just sent you a message for more details :) 

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Hi @CasMin,
We just wanted to see how everything is going with your Zap. Did Fiona’s recommendation get the job done? Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance with your Zap. We're glad to address any concerns and assist you.
We're looking forward to your response.