How do I setup payroll zap from Jobber that can handle variable rates?

  • 18 November 2021
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I use Jobber to manage my business. But it doesn't have a way to pay my 1099 contractors a variable flat rate on jobs (the rate for each job & sometimes each visit is different)

It looks like New Invoice Created is the only Jobber trigger I can use but I’m lost after that. 

I'd like to set up an integration between Jobber and maybe a payroll program that has the ability to pay variable flat rates to contractors.


So, the Zap would look like this…

Trigger-New invoice creation in jobber


I’m not even sure what I could add to my invoices for Zapier to be able to identify which contractor it was. Might have to add initials or something in the job and use Zapier fields.

Jobber doesnt export much into Zapier unfortunately. Only a few triggers and limited data. So even if we have to do a multi program or multi step Zap...that would work too. 


I've researched how I can do that for hours now and I could really use some help :(

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2 replies

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Thanks Sam, the problem with using “Job Complete” as the trigger is that these are recurring jobs. So, unless it’s just a one off job or the person cancels service, we are never completing the job...just the visit. 

It’s also not tax rates that I need to set up but rather flat fees to pay my contractors. The amount varist from job to job so I would have to set them up manually somewhere. The lookup table you mention might work.


For example, we clean home A and the client is charged $100. $50 goes to the business and $50 needs to go to the contractor for their portion (this is what I consider doing payroll)

I currently have to go into each job/visit for the week I’m paying and create an expense in Jobber for each of the contractors so they can get paid their $50...super time consuming.  

The caveat is that just because Home A is a 50/50 split between contractors and the business, that is not always the case. Home B could cost $100 but the business only get’s $40 for that one and the sub $60. I’ll take that “loss” to make the price lower when quoting to get that new customer. 

So, the rate varies from job to job. Also, one client will often have more than one job and sometimes more than one property. So, we can’t pay out the contractors at the client level, it has to AT LEAST be at the job level...but preferably at a visit level since the contractors are paid per visit. 

Hope that makes sense.

Ex: Home B is cleaned on 11/23 and every two weeks. And customer is charged $100 each visit.  Subcontractor 1 will start the timer in Jobber (just so I know they are there) and mark the visit complete in jobber when done.

Jobber then automates the invoice and automates payment IF the customer has a card on file.  About a week later, I go into the calendar in jobber for Subcontractor 1 for each of the homes they cleaned that week and pay them variable set amounts for the jobs they completed. 

The good thing is that it’s usually the same person for that job every two weeks. If someone had to fill in, I could remember that and manually adjust. 

But I need some way to automate pay for that week. I would still review it and make any adjustments necessary but at least I wouldn't have to go into each visit for each of my 7 subcontractors and put an “Expense” into jobber to get what they are owed. 

Unfortunately, jobber doesnt bring over much into Zapier. So we will likely need another program...quickbooks maybe...or something even easier in order to get payroll automated. 

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Hey @Amiesdestiny! :)

I’m not sure the New Invoice trigger for Jobber is the one you’d want here. I’m thinking that it might be better to use the New Job Completion trigger instead. This should give you details about the job that was completed that you can then use to create the invoice.

Since Jobber doesn’t have an action to create an invoice you could use an app like QuickBooks Online to create the invoice. You can view a full list of all the accounting types of apps we currently support here:

I’m not 100% sure if you’d be able to get the desired tax rate from Jobber. How are the different Tax rates set? Do certain contractors have different tax amounts? If so, you may need to create a LookUp Table step to convert the name of the contractor into the corresponding tax rate. You can then select this tax rate from with the Create Invoice step.

Do you think that approach could work?