How do I set up my Zap to create a webinar registrant for a specific webinar(s)?

I have a webinar registration form built using Ninja Forms, and in the form there is a dropdown menu for multiple sessions (different topics & different dates).

The desired functionality is when a user selects webinar A on our registration form, Zoom creates a webinar registration for webinar A only.

I think this would require an if-then statement (for example if webinar A is selected then create entry for webinar A. If webinar B is selected, do not create a registration for webinar A)


How do I setup the Zap to create a webinar registrant for only the selected webinar(s)?


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Hi @Anthonyl! Were you able to get your Zap up and running with the template that Christina suggested? I’d love to hear how you got on :) 

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Hey there, @Anthonyl! Thanks for reaching out!

I took a quick peek and it looks like there may be a Ninja Forms/Zoom template for this exact workflow! 🎉 

Feel free to give it a go and see if it works for your use case:

If it doesn’t, keep us posted! We’re happy to keep digging. 🤗