How do I map Typeform responses to a Pipedrive custom field only when a value exists?

  • 24 August 2023
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I have created typeform to capture lead information from a website, eg name, email etc.  To help reduce friction from them having to select from a list of 82 answers I have used logic to create questions based on answers, eg. Wha type of service are you interested in A B C or D.  When they choose option B, the get another question eg what insurance service you interest in, then gives a list of answers.  I want to take the answer and add to a custom field called SERVICE in Pipedrive when creating a new pipedrive deal from trigger new item in typeform in zapier. 


I have 4 questions, 3 have empty answers (no value exists), 1 has the answer (value exists) for the service.  How do I get zapier to provide the  answer to only when a value exists and be able to map the 1 answer (value exists) to service field in Pipedrive


Whats the best way to do this from typeform to zapier?

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2 replies

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Hey @byddigidol ,


Did you check Filter by Zapier ? I believe that should solve your problem.

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Hi @byddigidol 

Good question.

You can map all 4 questions to the same field since only 1 will have a value.