How do I map a "Person" property from Google Forms to Notion database using Zapier?

  • 24 April 2024
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I am trying to build a simple Zap that takes a Google Form entry via Google Sheet, and creates a new line in a Notion database.

The form is filled out by visitors when they arrive at the office, and it contains simply their name and the name of the person they are visiting. We add the date and time to it.

I can make the visitor name and date fields work fine, but the person they are visiting is a ‘Person’ property in Notion (because we want it to be assigned as a todo with a notification). Zap tests return an error about needing a UID for this field rather than the name.

I found a similar community post about Salesforce where the suggestion was a find record stage to track down the UID, but if I try to add that to my Zap the Person field isn’t an option.


Bit stuck. My first time building something like this so feel like I’m probably missing something simple.


Also - I am completely open to an answer suggesting something other than Google Forms. I’m basically trying to replace Envoy here which is our current visitor app, but it’s overkill for us.


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1 reply

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Hi @0code 

Limitations with Notion:


I can't see all fields in my Zap

Not all Notion property types are supported in Zapier.
These property types will not appear in your triggers or actions.
The following property types are not supported:
  • Files and media
  • Formulas
  • Relations
  • Rollups
  • Status