How do I Include YouTube video links in to a Mail Jet email template automatically?

  • 22 November 2020
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I have set up a 3 Zap system but am having difficulty with the final Zap.

  1. The first Zap takes the latest videos from a YouTube channel and stores them in to a Google Sheet.
  2.  Then a filter is used to send specific videos in to a Digest, for the second Zap.
  3. The final Zap should take the Digest (daily), which contains the YouTube video links, and insert them in to the body of the text of an email template created with Mailjet. Then Mailjet sends the email at a specific time.

I have read all the guidance suggested by Zappeir and Mailjet but the reading material seems to be aimed at developers and I have no technical expertise. It is advised that I need to write a sentence in the body of my email. “You can then use the syntax {{var:namevar:defaultvalue}} to print the value of the property in your template.” but I have no idea if I’m doing it correctly and I assume this is the case as I do not see the video links come through on the outputted email. Please see attachments for how I have interpreted this action and what comes out. 

I believe I have done everything correctly on Zappier, i.e. all the steps seem to be correct, it’s just the manual action on Mailjet that I do not understand. If anyone has any ideas I’d be extremely grateful.


Thank you.

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5 replies

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Hello! Can you send screenshots of how you’ve configured your zap too, please? It will help me understand the process between Mail-Jet and Zapier.



Thanks for your help. I have attached the final Zap. It has 3 stages within that Zap as you will see. Hope that’s enough screenshots but let me know if anything else will help.

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Hey - Yes - That won’t have any data by design - You need to start adding items to it before that will have anything to release if that makes sense? 

Instead of integrating this, have you tried putting test data through it to see how it behaves. This is my best advice here as once you do that it’ll all click.


If you look at the 7th screenshot I sent in the last message, I have indicated there that it usually has something in that batch. It’s just that at the time of taking the screenshot it didn’t have any in the digest. So I know that the Digest works because I have sent test videos to it, as you suggested. But when the email sends from Mailjet, it does not display them. So I’m pretty confident that it’s to do with the ‘variable name’ that needs to be put some where in the Mailjet email template. Something to do with the language of Mailjet. I’ve attached a screenshot of what Zapper states should be written.

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?