How do I import a new user in wordpress by checking if the user already exists

  • 18 June 2022
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Is there any way to add a logic that will ensure to enroll only a new user and skip the process of adding user into wordpress if user already exists

The challenge here zapier stops running and shuts itself off when we get already registered user to register once again..


Please help me out incase if there’s any possibility to resolve this issue

Process what I am trying to achieve here is

1. For a New user [ Payment gateway => Register on Wordpress => Course access on learndash] which is perfectly working fine

2. For a old user [Payment gateway ==> Register only if not registered previously ==> Course access] which is not working as there’s currently no way to identify the already existing users on wordpress.



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1 reply

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Hello @Guruprasad Nayak 

You can definitely work around this problem.But you must collect users somewhere like Google Sheets or Airtable.

Perform a lookup if that email exists and use this for building different paths.

One for existing users and another for new users.

This way you can completely remove the Register User step for the existing users and use that action step only in the path created for New Users.