How do I implement metered payments using Stripe or alternative processors via Zapier?

  • 20 January 2024
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Hello Zapier Community,

I am working on a chatbot that works over SMS text messaging and I want to charge per SMS response. Ideally, I’d like to use Stripe’s Metered function to achieve this. However, I am open to other payment processors that work through Zapier.

Has anyone here successfully implemented metered payment through Zapier?

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2 replies

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Hello there @Mihai. Welcome to the Community! 👋

Ah, it doesn’t look like the Stripe app currently supports that sort of functionality. There’s a Create Payment Link action which could generate a payment link for them to make a payment but that doesn’t seem like it would be the best approach for the desired workflow.

I did spot that we’ve got an existing feature request open for a new action to be added that would allow Zaps to automatically charge or set up automatic billing which sounds like what you’d want here so I’ve added your vote for that. I can’t make any promises around when that might be added but we’ll send you an email notification once it is.

In the meantime, I wonder if you could potentially use Stripe’s API Request (Beta) action to connect to Stripe’s API and create the charge that way? It’s a bit more of an advanced action as you’d need to follow Stripe’s API documentation in order to set it up. But if that’s something you’d be interested in I’d recommend checking out our Set up an API Request action guide to learn more about how to use that sort of action.

Hope that helps. If you do give that approach a try and run into any issues please do let us know!

Hello @SamB 

Thank you so much for your prompt and informative response! I appreciate your warm welcome to the Community. Your insights and suggestions are helpful.

I'm glad to hear about the feature request for automatic billing, and it's great to know that my vote has been added. I'll definitely explore the API Request option as well, following the guidelines you mentioned.

If I run into any issues or have more questions, I'll be sure to reach out. Thanks again for your support.