How do I Email Facebook Leads in ADF Format Using Gmail?

  • 9 January 2023
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How do I email Facebook leads in ADF format so they can populate in a client’s CRM? I would like to use Gmail if possible. 



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8 replies

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Hi @MarcoTD 

Good question.

By ADF do you mean: Auto-lead Data Format (ADF) is an open XML-based standard specifically for communicating consumer purchase requests to automotive dealerships.

Yes, Auto-lead Data Format (ADF) is what I am referring to… Is it possible to set the Gmail zap email up in this format?


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Do you have an example of the desired email format?

I think it needs to look like this, but I’m not sure:

                <First>{{first name}}</First>
                <Last>{{last name}}</Last>
            <Phone>{{phone number}}</Phone>
        <Vehicle Interest>
            <MakeModel>{{vehicle make and model}}</MakeModel>
        </Vehicle Interest>
            <Name>{{retailer name}}</Name>
            <ID>{{retailer id}}</ID>

I changed the body type to HTML, but the CRM still wasn’t able to parse it?

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Your destination should be able to provide posting specs to follow, were those provided?

They were not… I just re-requested them.

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Hey @MarcoTD! I wanted to see how you’re getting along with this? 

I can see my teammate provided this resource in the ticket so I wanted to share here in case it’s helpful:

It looks like you’re sending your emails in plain text, but you also have the option to send them in HTML. Would that work? You’ll need to know or look up some HTML to format your messages but then you’ll have a bit more control over the formatting. We can’t build the HTML for you but I can point you to some resources and instructions!
First you’ll need to make sure you’ve selected the “HTML” option for the email you are sending out, in your Zap template here: 
(view larger)
Once you have done so, you’ll need to use HTML code within the body of the email to style it more to better fit with ADF. We have some tips on how to format that kind of thing here:
There’s a link in the bottom of this section that takes you to a larger site about HTML in case that is useful.

Keep us posted!

Unfortunately, the CRM still isn’t able to pull in the facebook data. Here is the format I used:


Is there another way to send Facebook leads in XML/ADF format?