How do I choose which Zoom account to use, or should I connect a new Zoom account?

  • 9 February 2023
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This is a very basic question but -- what are the multiple numbered Zoom accounts for in my Zapier account.?

I have Zoom #87, #72 #66  etc etc.

Some of them say “used in 2 zaps”, some say “used in 0 Zaps”    

I am creating a new Zap to send recordings to One Drive -- how do I choose which one of these acounts to use, or do I create a new account.

Totally confusing.

Thanks - xxxxx xxx


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2 replies

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Hi @MJR 

This looks like the same account was connected multiple times. You only need to connect your Zoom account once, and if you connect same account twice it will say Your_account_name #2. If your account is already connected just pick the account from the Choose Account section, no need to connect again.


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Hi there @MJR - checking in on how you’re doing with your issue, and if Rob was able to help you with their advice above. Either way let us know! Best -Rachael