How do I automate lead capture to proposals with forms or chatbot and draft creation?

  • 14 May 2024
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Your best solution and toolbox for creating a automated flow; from collecting info on a website from visitors/leads, to sending them a proposal?

Today there is no form on the site - people just email or call. We wanna have a form - or maybe a chatbot? - where we can get info about details and then be able to get a draft automated and then checked manually before sent. 

(I saw Zapiers new chatbot which seems very smooth - not sure it solves it all though.)

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8 replies

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Hi @SofiaM 

What data points are you trying to collect? (list)

How are you trying to send the proposal? (via email, via sms, via esign, etc.)

Best to outline a specific example to give us context.

Extremely relevant questions. :) Here we have more or less a blanc canvas though - we can go either way we see fit. There is nothing on the website today - just an emailadress and phone no. So questions comes in both via phone and email.

I’d prefer a scenario where we can get all contact info from the prospect (name, company name,  company size, phone, email, city… ), and details on what they are looking for (spec project in mind; we have a set of maybe 6 areas, and within each area there is maybe 5-10 different paths to chose). 

The problem has been the time it takes to do the proposal, so I am hoping for a setup where we can get the info from the prospect - get an estimation of what it can cost based on data points that we have - and then get the proposal draften - and then have ut manually checked before going to the prospect.

I don’t want to just send the proposal via email without having a manual check on it. (It often comes down to iterating and adjusting, so it’s often a few emails/calls before we get a yes or no.)

Something like that… It will be adjusted of course. But it would be interesting to hear how people would go about this. Sure there are plenty of similar cases. :)

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Is the proposal supposed to be only in the email body, or is the email supposed to include a link or attachment to the prepared proposal?


The logic and design of the automation really depends on having defined project requirements. (e.g. logic for the 5-10 paths)

Ok. So, say that it would be only in the email body - how would you go a about it then? 

And how would you do, it if the email will include a link or attachment to the prepared proposal?

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There are options from Gmail to create Drafts.


The logic and design of the automation really depends on having defined project requirements. (e.g. logic for the 5-10 paths)

Thanks! However, I don’t really think that the drafting of the email will be the issue here, more what type of steps is best to do before. Is it a chatbot on the site? Or a form? For eg. Any thoughts about the actually setup with different tools?

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Hi @SofiaM Based on my experience, I think a form to collect info will work best, since the data is pretty structured. Then leverage AI to draft the proposal for human checking before sending it back out to the customer. I would assume you have some examples of what is a good proposal based on prior experience?

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Hi @SofiaM ,
We just wanted to see how everything is going with your Zap. Did everyone’s recommendation get the job done? Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance with your Zap. We're glad to address any concerns and assist you.
We're looking forward to your response.