How can we track how much money a customer has been exchanging in a given time?

  • 21 September 2022
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Hi community,

I know there is a similar thread out there (, but it was closed 2 years, so I thought there might a solution meanwhile.


My customer is a money exchange office and we have the following challenge:

We need to track how much money a customer has been exchanging in a given time, i.e. which total amount did he/she exchange within the last 30 current days. I also need to cross-check his/her current 30-days-spend at each exchange to trigger off some zaps.

Has anyone found a solution or has a hint how to do it (all proposals, even outside of Zapier, are appreciated)? The excel formula is actually no rocket since at all, but integrating it in a zap seems to be a challenge...

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4 replies

Hi @Troy Tessalone 

I am using HubSpot Forms to capture data and Google Sheets to protocol the entries. If you refer to this answer

in the above-mentioned thread, there seems to be a limitation on Zapier side; so I was wondering if some coding on the contacts API of hubSpot could do the job.

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Perhaps consider using Airtable instead of GSheets.

Airtable is a relational database, meaning you can link records.

For example, link Exchanges to Contacts AND Campaigns.

There are field types for doing Rollups, such as the SUM of linked records.

These Rollup fields can have Filters, such as Last 7 Days.


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Hey @DennisG how are things going here? Were you able to explore Airtable as a potential workaround? Let us know - we’d love to lend a hand where we can to help get you up and running!

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Hi @DennisG 

Good question.

Please clarify which apps you are trying to use in the Zap steps in order for us to have context.

Perhaps post detailed screenshots of your Zap steps.