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How can I set a URL link to a Trello card from a pushed massage from Slack?

  • 7 July 2020
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Hi all,
I am trying to create a Trello card based on the contents in a message that I push it from my Slack account.
The Zap I made is working but I miss the URL for the original Slack message, i.e. permalink. During making the Zap, I used test data automatically generated by Zapier and set up the allocation of the message contents to each part of the Trello card. But in the test data, there was not an item for permalink to the original Slack message. So I tried to load the other Slack messages which I pushed to Zapier but the system could not load it. The messages which I push have permalinks so I expect that I can set the item as a URL attachment on the Trello card if I load the messages. But the system could find non of them.
Could anyone suggest me a way to set permalink to a pushed Slack message on a Trello card?



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Hi @hiroki! You should see a permalink for the message for Slack triggers. It sounds like you’re specifically ‘pushing’ the message, so I think you’ll be using the New Reaction added or New saved message trigger; I double checked and both of these should send a permalink for the Slack message. 


If you are using the New Reaction added trigger, here are a few troubleshooting tips for using the New Reaction Trigger

  • When you’re first testing the Zap, the Slack account that’s connected to Zapier needs to be the one to add the reaction for the test to find a sample. After the Zap is turned on, any user’s reaction will trigger the Zap (unless you’ve specified a specific user in the trigger)

  • If a user is using a thumbsup and other skin-colourable reacjis, the syntax for slack to put in the trigger is:

    • [emoji name]::[skin-tone-x] (eg+1::skin-tone-2)
    • Using just +1 or just thumbsup in this case didn't work, the skin tone needed to be specified.
    • A better way to test this Step is to not specify the reacji, so that you'll actually see what it's called in your test response.
  • The Reaction trigger only works when reacting to messages, not files.