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Google Sheet and Gmail Rule

  • 1 June 2020
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Hi Community, :hand_splayed:

I am looking for a solutin, but I so far I haven’t found it:


I have a Zap Google Sheets to Gmail, but I would like to create a rule.


_My website is receiving leads into Google Sheets and then forward all the leads to Gmail Sales team.

_The google sheet has a few columns with different data such as: Name, Country, Email. 

_The rule I would like to create is: everytime the country is different just some people on the sales team receive an email.


Example 1:

Google Sheet info:

Name: John

Country: Uk



Gmail info:  (UK sales representative)  > Receives Uk Lead based on country field in google sheet to their Gmail


Example 2:

Google Sheet info:

Name: José

Country: spain



Gmail info: (Spain sales representative)  > Receives Spain Lead based on country field in google sheet to their Gmail


Thank you, 





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6 replies

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Hi PaulKortman 

Just solved :grinning::grinning::grinning: !!  Thank you so much for your patient and support.


I am just adding this screenshot to help other people in the community! 


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Good Work!

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@Aobservadora there are a couple of ways to do this, but I’ll explain the way I might approach this and see if it will work for you. 


I would set up a lookup table (Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table) step above your Gmail step. 

Inside the Lookup Table, I would set the column from the spreadsheet for Country as the Lookup Key (value to lookup). I would put a list of countries in the left column (UK, Spain, Germany, etc) and then a comma-separated list of email addresses you want to send the email to for that country (assuming there might be more than one person per country if it’s just one then just put that person's email address in there on) in the right-hand side.  The Fallback value is optional, but I would use it to prevent errors in case there is a typo in the country name etc.  So here’s a mockup of how I would set it up. 



You then use the output of that step (step 2 in my example case above) as the email address to send the email to and boom goes the dynamite. 


Let me know if you need more clarification. 

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Hi PaulKortman :hand_splayed:


Thank you for your reply. 

May be I am missing something :nerd: (I have step up like your example), but the Gmail is sending the emails to everyone. 


Step 2: Utilities  


Step 3: Send Email in Gmail

Should I make different zaps for different countries?  Because when I fill the Customize Email to, should I add all the emails? 


Thanks again for your help


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That screetshot helps so much!


I didn’t mention that you need to use the output of step 2 in the “To” field in step 3.  (remove all other email addresses in the To field in step 3)

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Hi PaulKortman again :nerd:

If I don’t add any emails on step3  appears an error: The email could not be sent to Gmail. :disappointed_relieved: