• 8 April 2020
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I am trying to create a custom google calendar event from data within an email of GMAIL.

I have emails coming in from an order system that show begin date and time, etc. They come in from an automated system so they are all the same. I need those emails to trigger a one time event in google calendar based on the time and date. I would like to be able to select values within the email that defines the date and time of the event in calendar more the Attendees 

How do I select specific info within the email to set the time and date for the calendar event (begin and end) and the attendees?


Thank u

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2 replies

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Hi there!

In this case your best bet is to use an email parser (like this one by Zapier:

You have those emails forwarded to the parser, you indicate which parts you want to extract and then on later steps of your Zap you can map those into fields. More info on the Email Parser:

The important part is having a way to automatically send those emails to the email parser, either directly from the source (if they're notifications, for example) or setting something up within the email app that's currently receiving them, to have them forwarded.

Another thing to note is that you would need one email parser inbox per *type* of email you get. In other words, you couldn't forward emails from 2 different services and have the parser work for both of those using the same inbox. The reason is that you take a sample email, tell us which parts you want, then we extract those. If the email that comes in differs too much from what you first set up, it's not going to parse correctly.

Why don't you take a look at that and let me know if you have any questions?

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Hi @Marmelade59!

I wanted to check in with you on this one. Did you still need help here? Please let us know :)