Facebook lead ads to Converkit

  • 3 April 2020
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Zapier is showing 8 succsessful tasks adding subscriber to converkit sequence when new lead in FB ads but when I go to Converkit I’m not seeing any new subscribers.

I tried turning the Zap off and on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you 

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3 replies

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Hey @Lily, we just wanted to check in here to see how things turned out with your Zap and if you saw those subscribers coming through.

Let us know!

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Hi @Lily!

I wanted to check in with you on this one, since we didn't hear back after our last message. Did you still need help here or were you able to resolve things? Please let us know :)

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Hi Lily,

Without seeing your Zap, it’s hard to say for sure but my very educated guess is that instead of mapping the email address from FBLA to ConvertKit, you’ve likely typed one in there. When that happens it means that every time the Zap runs it will try to add a subscribed with that same email address.

Can you take a look at the Zap to see if you’ve done that? If you have, you’ll want to click into the field and then a dropdown should appear. You’d then select the email address that comes from FBLA.