Does the delay feature have enough logic to postpone a membership cancellation?

I have a zap set up to remove someone from my membership plan in Podia when the plan itself is cancelled in ThriveCart. However, when this happens, it removes the customer’s subscription immediately and not at the end of the current billing cycle like I want. This is due to a limitation with Podia and cannot be changed. So, if I were to use the delay feature with Zapier, can it predict when a Thrivecart subscription plan should cancel at the end of the customer’s billing period?

For example, my customer signs up for a plan on April 30th, but they decideto cancel May 3rd. Can I have a delay set so that they still retain access to the plan until May 30th instead of cancelling immediately? Again, setting this within the Zap does not work due to limitations with my website.

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Hi @ldclub 

If you know the date to delay the Zap Run until to, then use this Zap action: Delay - Until


NOTE: You may be better served by logging the data in an Airtable Base, then using View Filter logic to trigger another Zap when conditions are met to complete the cancel.



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Hi @ldclub 👋

How are things going with this? Were you able to delay the Zap from removing the subscription in Podia until the correct time?

Let us know whether you’re stuck at all, happy to assist if you need any further help!