Data transfer from daily newly titled workbook files into existing workbook

  • 17 February 2024
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I need help and thank you! I am trying to get data from a daily report into MailChimp.

I receive a daily report in email that provides a link to a file to download. It loads daily in google drive folder with a new title for each workbook based on download process. I need to take the data in the only spreadsheet in that new file loaded to Google Drive and have it load the data to MailChimp. 

I have tried many ways but keep getting stuck with both the fact that the file name changes daily when it is loaded to google drive folder and I can’t figure out how to map the fields. 

Thank you!

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5 replies

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Hi @onetail 

To help us have more context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured.


You’ll likely need to use the Looping app to handle 1+ line items:


I tried to do the following. Where I am having an issue is that I their is a new workbook with a new file name loaded each day. So for step 2 and 3 it would just pull from the first workbook loaded.

  1. Trigger: New Worksheet in Google Sheets
  2. Action:  Lookup Spreadsheet Rows (Line Items) in Google Sheets
  3. Action: Create Loop from Line Items in Looping by Zapier - please note this is only optional if you have multiple rows from the new worksheet that you want to pass to Mailchimp
  4. Action: Add/Update Subscriber in Mailchimp
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Hi there, @onetail! 👋

Ah, it’s only pulling from the first workbook that’s loaded as the New Worksheet trigger would only trigger when a new worksheet is added to the specific spreadsheet/workbook that’s been selected in the Zap. 

As it’s generating a new spreadsheet/workbook file then perhaps the New Spreadsheet (Google Sheets) or New File in Folder (Google Drive) triggers might work better for your desired workflow here. Both of those triggers should see the new file that’s added. 

Can you give either of those a try and let us know how you get on?


I realized I should have said I do that already.

  1. Trigger: New email in email parser
  2. Action: Upload file in Google Drive

This is where I get stuck and don’t know how to take the data from that new file and put as new worksheet in existing workbook. There isn’t a single lookup value. I am hoping there is a way that when a new file is loaded in the google drive folder it takes the worksheet from that file and places it in existing file as new sheet. I then hope I can create a trigger for when that new sheet is created to get it to update MailChimp. 

In general, I am trying to figure out the best way to create Zaps that enable me to take data from an emailed report that comes in as a link and get the data from those reports.

Thank you!

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Hi @onetail 

You may have to explore using the GSheets API via one of these advanced actions:

  • Custom Action
  • API Request