Creating a Google Doc from Podio

  • 18 January 2022
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Hi community,

 New user here, first post. I am going through the process of trying to create a Zap between Podio and Google Docs. I have an engineering company and I am trying to create a Google Doc draft (to later edit) in order to create a proposal for clients. I first enter all the project and client data into a Podio App and from there I would like to click a button that says “Generate Proposal” and use all the data entered into Podio to automatically create the Google Doc draft. 

I get stuck at “Action Type” - see image below. 

Thanks in advance! 



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5 replies

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Hi @Rene Bermudez 

What action inside your Podio app will trigger this Zap?

Try looking at the list of available options in the Action Type dropdown.


Hi @Troy Tessalone ,

 This is the error message I get when I drop down that menu. Not sure how to change that.

I have a button in Podio called “Generate Proposal” which I want to click and then have Zapier generate the Google Doc. 

See both images below. 

Thank you! 




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@Rene Bermudez 

That is not an error message, only a warning.


Looks like the only available options in that dropdown relate to items/comments being created/updated/deleted.


Perhaps consider trying an alternative approach to get the Zap to fire for the item.updated option which could be triggered if there was another field (instead of a button) in Podio.

Hi @Troy Tessalone ,

 Still attempting to get this to work. What would be an alternative approach? Podio has a few items that can be updated, do you have a suggestion from the screenshot below as opposed to the Button approach?

I am currently using the Category field as the “Button” 



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@Rene Bermudez 

Podio has these available triggers: