Contact a manager? I need communication.

  • 31 March 2021
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Does Zapier not allow you to talk to a manager? 

My support person has given me vague and contradictory information.  When I ask to speak to a manager, she says no. 

I am a bit appalled, since I’ve been trying to fix this complex problem for many hours. I need to talk with someone else, and it’s extremely frustrating. 

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5 replies

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FYI: Zapier doesn’t do support via social media. (e.g. Twitter)

The general reply from the @Zapier Twitter account is this:

Hi there! The best way to get this problem solved for you is to reach out to our support team here: or you can ask your question in our community: Thank you!

Yes, I’m aware they don’t use Twitter.  I mean that I’ve been emailing them personally.


The “she” I mentioned was a particular support representative. I’ll spare her name here, but she says that she speaks for the entire company and that I cannot speak to a manager.

I’ve never encountered a business like that.  

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Hi @jupebox 

I understand that you are frustrated with the service that you’ve received from Zapier and I’m sorry about that. 

Our Support Team doesn’t ‘escalate’ customer questions to a manager because all Customer Champions at Zapier speak for the company and everyone on the team is empowered to do anything for you that a traditional manager could do. 


So a “Customer Champion” can never be wrong?

What if a Customer Champion provides information that is vague, different, contradictory, or unhelpful?

What you’re saying is that I am stuck with a Customer Champion even if no solution is found, no timeline is available, and I have further questions that the Customer Champion cannot answer?