Conditionally Format Emails

  • 4 June 2020
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Hello Everyone ! 

This has probably been done like a thousand times before but could not find an explicit answer in the docs or videos.


I have a Zap that sends an email, and I have the following properties:




(From Item_1 to Item_16)


For each one of them I add to the email:

        Name X QTY = Total

I don’t want to add that line when there is no data for certain property (Let’s say a 1-item order shouldn’t add text to Item_2, Item_3 and so on)

Is there anyway I can achieve this conditional formatting in the email ? 

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3 replies

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Hi @rogeliorv and @Frisse Site!

As I mentioned above, I ended up creating an article about this because it’s quite complex. Please take a look at it to see if it answers your question :) If anything is unclear please let me know!

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@rogeliorv @Frisse Site I feel like I’ve come up with a solution for this in the past. My day is wrapping up here but let me check into this tomorrow to see if I can track down a way to get this done :)


This ended up becoming quite complex to create and explain so it’s being created as an article. It’s in the works and should be posted today (June 9) or tomorrow (June 10). Thanks for your patience!

I am exactly searching for the same thing.


My data is coming from gravity forms and need to structure it in an e-mail. But the “empty” product lines I would like to skip :-) 


Follow the topic.