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Cart Abandonment Workflow

  • 28 March 2020
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Is it possible to specify an execution time or add a delay to a Zap? If yes, can this Zap be cancelled?

Use case:

A user adds an item to their cart but fails to complete their purchase. We would like to trigger a series of emails 24 hours apart for 3 days. If the user completes their purchase at any point during the email chain, the chain should stop.

Note: We’re NOT using a service like SamCart, we’ve built our own in-house checkout. We can push any purchase updates to Zapier via their API.

If this isn’t possible in Zapier, can you recommend any other tools?




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Hey Tommy! I feel like you could create something like that using Zapier.

Your best bet might be to find an email marketing tool that lets you remove people from a list/campaign. So you’d have a Zap that adds them to the list and/or campaign (depending on how that particular app works) and then you set the schedule for those follow-up emails in that tool. You can have another Zap that triggers when someone purchases, then you remove them from the list/campaign.

You could also it in a pretty hacky way and have a Zap that delays for each period of time and before sending the email you check somewhere (Google Sheets, Airtable, our Storage app) to see if the person has since purchased. You’d have another Zap that updates that other app when someone purchases.

That would end up being quite a few steps because you’d need either filters (only continue if...) or paths.

If one of these methods stands out as one you’d prefer, let me know and I can elaborate for you :)




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Thanks Nick.

We were able to get the second option working, with a slight twist. Instead of using an additional 3rd party like GSheets or Airtable to maintain the state of the cart, we opened up a webhook in our App for Zapier. 

After a set period of time, Zapier sends a notification to this webhook and depending on the state of cart, we’ll send the user an email.

Works like a charm!

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That’s awesome @tommy :) Thanks for coming back to us with that extra bit of info :)