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Cannot create case in Capsule

  • 2 December 2021
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Hello Community

 Great application that we just started using to connect our PayPal activity to our capsule CRM .

 We hooked up Zapier to our PayPal and Capsule and we can create a new contact in Capsule when we get a payment activity in PayPal, yeah! 

However, we cannot create a new case in Capsule attached to the contact we created from the same Paypal payment activity.  We get the Zapier error statement “The app returned "party not found".”   We are searching  in Capsule by the payer email,  the search that works in the create contact in capsule in our working zap.  It looks as though Zapier  is telling us that the required name field does not match when looking in capsule.  

We do review the historical Zap run and it looks like the fields are correct in the run event.

The problem may be is that we do not understand what the required field name refers to, is this the  contact in capsule, or is it the name of the new case in capsule ?

Thanks in advance



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Hi @GoHoist 

Please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are ordered and configured, thanks.

TIP: Generally when linking objects in a CRM, the CRM app expects the internal ID for the object that is being linked.


 Thank you for the quick reply. 

 I have  attached to screenshot movies of me running through the zap events both the building of the event and also the execution and error of the Zap event .
















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FYI: Those links are not accessible.

Youtube of same videos



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The partyId is likely expecting an internal Capsule ID instead of an email address.

Try adding a Capsule Find or Create Contact step to your Zap, then map the returned ID to the next step to Create Case.



here are the same videos posted in YouTube.

thank you in advance



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Hey @GoHoist!

I can see you’ve also reached out to our Support team about this and they identified that the “party not found” error is caused by an email address was being selected for the Contact field on the Create Case action instead of the ID number for the contact (party) that Capsule CRM is expecting to receive.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen their reply yet but they suggested selecting the ID field from the Find Contact step in your Zap instead. That should allow you to send Capsule CRM the correct ID number for the contact when creating a case. 

If it helps, you can find out more about working with search steps (like the Find Contact one) and selecting Custom values (like the ID field) here: 

Fingers crossed selecting that ID field will do the trick! :)



 Switch to the ID  value and the application works . funny it seems like I had that ID  field set before , however I have now stuck in a one minute delay thinking that maybe Capsule took a moment to create the new contact , before a case could be added to it. 

 All working now looking forward to really go to town with Zapier

Charles Bridgman