Auto renaming an image on Google Drive that gets uploaded from a Typeform.

  • 14 July 2023
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I'm using a Type-form with a Google drive upload question to store submission head shots. I need to be able to rename the head shot when it gets uploaded to the google drive to match either the date and time of the submission in order for us to look through all the head shots and find the submissions associated contact information.


Hoping this can be accomplished with Zapier 😅

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4 replies

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Hey there @simondreww! 👋

Just wanted to check in to see whether setting up a Zap to upload and rename the files, as Troy suggested, sorted things for you here?

Let us know if you’re still in need of help at all! 🙂

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Hi @simondreww 

Good question.

If you are using the Zap action for GDrive Upload File, then you can specify the File Name.


Otherwise, you may have to use the Zap action: GDrive API Request


Hey @Troy Tessalone, thanks for your prompt response!

I’m using Typeform’s google drive upload question which allows us to select which folder submissions will have their head shots uploaded to but doesn't give us control over the renaming of the files.

I’m guessing this limits me to the GDrive API Request solution you’ve mentioned? What is the best way to learn how to implement a solution using this?


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Or you can use a Zap to upload the files from Typeform to GDrive and in the process rename the file.