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Asana | Remove tags from a project

  • 28 September 2022
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Hi :) I’m loving Zapier and how it streamlines my process. I’m curious if there is a way to remove tags from a project in Asana? I use tags to filter projects and tasks and I would love a solution where upon completion of the project all tags are removed. Is this possible and I’m just not seeing the option?


Best answer by michal 28 September 2022, 20:06

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4 replies

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Hi @michal!

There isn’t a way to do that with Zapier, sorry about that. 

I can’t see an existing feature request along these lines, but you’re welcome to submit it to the Support Team using the Get Help form. If you do, let them know if you’d like to remove tags from all of the tasks in the project, or if you’d like to completely delete the tags associated with the project. 


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Thank you for your reply. I’m sure this is not a very popular request. 

I took at bit of time and I went through the Cutsom Request Webhook for Asana and I was able to remove tags from my tasks, because it only removes specific tags I will have to create a zap to look through tags and remove them but that is acceptable as it will save me a lot of time in the long run :).


Thanks again for your reply.

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@michal thanks for sharing how you were able to remove the Asana tags! This will be helpful for other members and we appreciate it!

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I have an update :) If in the future someone else is trying to do this or something similar, here is what I did:

Set up a trigger.

Use the web hook by Zapier to get tags for the task.

Use code by Zapier to run javascript code that parses the tags and returns an array of the sanitized tag numbers. [123,234,345...]

Run a zapier loop as many times as there are variables in the returned javascript array

Within the loop run a custom web hook that removes that tag from the task.


What I learned: The asana removeTag only removes 1 tag not all. This is why I have to run the web hook in the loop. 


Next I’m going to build in conditions to ignore certain tags that I want to keep, this should be easy, now that I have it set up.

I’m not a programmer but I’m happy to help if you are looking for a solution.