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Altering due date in Microsoft To-Do > Change event start date in Google Calendar

  • 30 September 2020
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Hello! I hope you are well.


I have set up the predefined zap “Create Microsoft To-Do tasks for new or updated Google Calendar events”. This is great because it pulls everything from my work calendar into my to do list.


However, what I am now trying to achieve is if I alter the due date of a task in Microsoft To-Do then it alters the event date in Google Calendar. For example, if I create an entry in my calendar for “Job 1” today it automatically gets pulled into my to do list with a due date of today with the existing zap, but if something comes up and I change the due date to next week, I want the new zap to then move that event in my Google Calendar.


I’ve tried to set it up as follows:

  1. When this happens… Updated Tast in Microsoft To-Do
  • Choose App & Event - Microsoft To-Do / Updated Task
  1. Do this… Update Event in Google Calendar
  • Choose App & Event - Google Calendar / Update Event
  • Customise Event - Start Date & Time: “Due Date Time Date Time”

However, when I run the test I get “The event could not be sent to Google Calendar. The app returned "Invalid start time.".”


I’m thinking its possibly the format for the due date not working with Google Calendar, as “Due Date Time Date Time” comes up with something like “2020-09-30T23:00:00:00.0000000”. I’m not sure if its all those extra zeros on the end throwing it off, or the date format just not matching a Google Calendar start date? The predefined zap that is working uses “Start Date Pretty” to set the due date, which is in the format of "Sep 29, 2020”.


Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!



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@MN Team I would definitely suspect that the format of the time is causing issues.


Try using a format step to change the time from “2020-09-30T23:00:00:00.0000000” to “2020-09-30 23:00”.  


The time your currently trying to do use is accurate to 1.0000000 milliseconds which is way too exact.  Time only needs to be accurate to the minute: YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm

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@BowTieBots Thanks for the tip! I added a step for the Zapier formatter, which seemed to correct the problem when the test was run. Unfortunately it won’t let me save a Zap with multiple steps unless we are on a paid subscription and I was hoping to test this out for a while before signing up.

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@MN Team - We do offer a 14-day trial of our plans. You can find more information on our Pricing page here: