Active Campaign to send emails upon specific teachable lecture completion

  • 7 April 2022
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I am trying to set up a series of Zaps to send specific emails from active campaign when a student completes certain lectures on teachable. We have drafted specific emails to be sent after specific lectures have been completed. I am noticing two errors in the zap I have created but can't figure out a solution. The first error is on the teachable side under "test trigger." It's pulling lecture progress A, B, C, D, etc.

I need progress A at 2% Progress B at 7% Progress C at 21%

There is a different zap created for each percentage of progress in the course to correspond with completing a specific lecture so that the email created for that lecture is sent upon completion. Upon creating a new zap and trying to pull lecture progress, it updates all Progress's regardless of letter to the same percentage. How can I make it be more specific?

The second issue is that when it triggers active campaign to send an email, I need it to send to whatever students finished the lecture that are apart of a specific list. Right now, because I have the list selected, it's sending the emails to everyone on that list regardless of lecture progress. I tried changing it to custom and selecting email but it gave me an error.

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Hi @lawsonhouse 

Good question.

For the Zap, try adding a Filter step and using this data point from the Teachable Zap trigger:


For AC, you’ll want to use an AC Automation that is triggered by a Tag.

In the Zap you can use this action: AC - Add/Remove Tag from Contact