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Access to on-prem SQL server

  • 27 November 2020
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Hi everyone,

Does Zapier have a way to access on-prem SQL servers? The current function expects a cloud-based SQL with direct IP connectivity but clearly that wouldn’t work for on-prem boxes.

I am looking to a similar mechanics to what Azure/PowerBI does with on-prem database gateway (running on an on-prem VM of course) in order to tap into SQL servers which are not exposed to the public Internet.

Any feedback and ideas will be appreciated. I know I can replicate on-prem tables to Azure Synapse Analytics and/or Azure SQL Data Warehouse and then hit it from Zapier using the stock SQL access function but that’s not the kind of workaround I am looking for :)

Thank you everyone



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Hi @bubba198 

Sadly, Zapier is rarely able to handle connecting to on-prem/desktop app setups due to the very nature of how Zapier connects with apps.